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Shanghai Hongqiao Airport:

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) is located at the 13 kilometers away from the city center in the south western suburb area of Shanghai. In 2008, Hongqiao airport handled almost 23 million passengers, making it the fourth busiest airport in China. The Hongqiao airport was also the busiest airport by traffic movements and the fifth busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport has one runway (3400m - 57.6m ) and one taxiway. The structure has also about 486.000 sqm of apron and 66 aircraft positions. Its advanced infrastructure facilities and its security systems can accommodate all kinds of airplanes. After the opening of Pudong the airport authority has transferred international and regional flights from Hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport. But while it accommodates domestic flights, the Hongqiao International Airport still keeps the standby capacity for landings of international flights.

The Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport has a terminal of an area of 82,000 sqm, 15 luggage-conveying belts and 15 waiting halls. Currently, Hongqiao International Airport accommodates an average of over 300 aircraft movements per day, and the safety is always guaranteed at high level. In the airport there are available: duty-free shops, business facilities, banks/bureau de change, ATMs, post offices,Internet, bars, restaurants. Taxis are always available outside arrivals. A taxi trip into the center includes a toll, upon exiting the airport, which is added to the fare. The major hotels has shuttle buses to take the customers in the airport.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport BUS service:

Jointly founded by Shanghai Bashi Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Airport Bus Company Ltd., can provide vehicle rental service, charter service and airport pickup service for both individuals and organizations.

The company is located in Hua Mao Hotel at front of Hongqiao Airport Passenger Terminal and has set up rental shops both in Hongqiao Airport and Pudong Airport.

Since the foundation of the company in 2001,we have succeeded in providing services in APEC meeting, the Annual Meeting of Asian Bank,

the Master Championship of Tennis, Shanghai Film and TV Festival, etc. and have reputably got recognized. We have also provided services for famous international companies and hotels and have established the partnership with them.

With sincerity and good reputation, we will provide professional and safety service to our customers and manage to become one of the most reliable brands in shanghai.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Transport and Location:

Bus Services of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport:

Route: airport line no.1
from Hongqiao international airport Pudong international airport
to Pudong international airport Hongqiao international airport
operating hours 6:00~23:00 7:00~23:00 (flight over)
interval (mins.) 15-25
fare (rmb) 30
stops none

Route: airport special line
from Hongqiao international airport city air terminal (jingan temple)
to city air terminal (jingan temple) Hongqiao international airport
operating hours 7:50~flight over 6:00~20:00
interval (mins.) 15~25
fare (rmb) 4
stops none

Route no. 806
from Hongqiao international airport lupu bridge
to lupu bridge Hongqiao international airport
operating hours 6:00~23:00 6:00~21:30
interval (mins.) 10~15
fare (rmb) 2-5
stops Shanghai zoo, Hongqiao rd., xu jia hui, dapu bridge, etc.

Route no. 807
from Hongqiao international airport qingjian community
to qingjian community Hongqiao international airport
operating hours 6:00~23:00 6:00~22:00
interval (mins.) 20
fare (rmb) 1-2.5
stops Shanghai zoo, hami rd., jinshajiang rd., zhenguang rd., etc.

Route no. 925a
from Hongqiao international airport people's square
to people's square Hongqiao international airport
operating hours 6:00~23:00 6:00~22:00
interval (mins.) 10
fare (rmb) 2-4
stops people's square, huashan rd., Hongqiao development area, Shanghai zoo, etc.

Route no. 938
from Hongqiao international airport yangjiadu(Pudong)
to yangjiadu(Pudong) Hongqiao international airport
operating hours 6:00~24:00 6:00~21:30
interval (mins.) 8~15
fare (rmb) 2-7
stops Shanghai zoo, hongmei rd., hongxu rd., south wanping rd., no.1 yohan, etc.

Route no. 941
from Hongqiao international airport Shanghai railway station
to Shanghai railway station Hongqiao international airport
operating hours 6:30~23:00 6:00~22:15
interval (mins.) 10~12
fare (rmb) 2-4
stops Shanghai zoo, Hongqiao rd., shuicheng rd., tianshan rd., zhongshan park, changshou rd., etc.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Taxi:

  0~3 km 3~10 km above 10 km
daytime:(5:00~23:00) rmb 10 rmb 2 / km rmb 3 / km
night:(23:00~5:00) rmb 13 rmb 2.6 / km rmb 3.9 / km

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